Meridian Platform Documentation


Introducing Meridian

An overview of the Meridian Platform

6 articles

Release Notes

7 articles

The Meridian Editor

How to use the Meridian Editor

25 articles

White-Label Apps

The process of working with Meridian to create a white-label app

6 articles

Aruba Beacons

The hardware necessary for location services

13 articles

Asset Tracking

The Aruba Tags app and Tags in the Meridian Editor

3 articles



Top-level information about the Meridian Platform.

2 articles

Meridian SDK

Information on the Meridian iOS and Android SDKs

5 articles

Meridian API

Supported Meridian API endpoints

8 articles

Meridian Editor

Advanced Editor features and information

3 articles


Advanced AppMaker features and information

3 articles


Configure Aruba Hardware

Instructions on configuring Aruba hardware for use with Meridian

8 articles

Deployment Best Practices

Tips on setting up a Beacon deployment.

8 articles