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...with Meridian

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Introducing Meridian

An overview of the Meridian Platform

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Release Notes

Meridian product release notes.

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The Meridian Editor

How to use the Meridian Editor

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Articles related to Meridian maps.

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White-Label Apps

The process of working with Meridian to create a white-label app

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Articles related to customizing Meridian-powered apps.

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Aruba Beacons

The hardware necessary for location services

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Articles related to Meridian-powered app location awareness.

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Articles related to campaigns and proximity Beacons.

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Asset Tracking

The Aruba Tags app and Tags in the Meridian Editor

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Privacy and Security

Information about Meridian and HPE's privacy policies and security practices.

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Reports may be experiencing technical problems. Please contact Meridian for help.

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Top-level information about the Meridian platform and developer tools.

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Meridian SDK

Information on the Meridian iOS and Android SDKs.

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Android SDK

How to integrate the Meridian SDK with your Android app.

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How to integrate the Meridian SDK with your iOS app.

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How to use the Meridian Web SDK.

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API Overview

General information about using the Meridian API.

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Asset Tracking APIs

Information on using the Aruba Tag asset tracking APIs.

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Locations API

How to use the API get information about a specific location (or app).

9 articles

Maps API

How to use the Meridian API to get maps information.

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Organizations API

How to use the API to get information on a specific organization.

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Placemarks API

How to use the API to get information about Meridian placemarks.

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Meridian Editor

Advanced Editor features and information.

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Advanced AppMaker features and information.

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Configure Aruba Hardware

Instructions on configuring Aruba hardware for use with Meridian

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Deployment Best Practices

Tips on setting up a Beacon deployment.

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