Add a Floor

This article describes how to add a floor to your Meridian location. It also describes how to delete a floor.

Floors Overview

In a Meridian location, floors correspond to areas you'd like to provide location services. Floors contain maps, placemarks, and routing.

Before you can add a floor to a location in the Meridian Editor, you'll need to add a building to contain that floor.

Go here to read about how to Add a Building.

Add a Floor

Complete these steps to add a new building.

  1. In the sidebar menu, click Floors.
  2. In the Floors tab, click Add +.
  3. In the NAME field, enter a meaningful floor name. For example, "Floor 1".
  4. In the BUILDING drop-down, select the appropriate building.
  5. Check the IS DEFAULT checkbox if you'd like this floor to load when you open your Meridian-powered app.
  6. In the FLOOR NUMBER field, enter floor's number. For example, "1".
  7. The rest of the fields are optional and can be safely ignored at this time.
  8. Click Save.
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