Locations Pages API Endpoint

This article describes how to use the /locations /pages API endpoint.

Locations /pages Endpoint

You can use the Locations endpoint to get all of the events for a specific location ID.


Pages Field Reference

Here are descriptions of the Pages API endpoint fields.

modified Timestamp for when a Page was last edited and saved.

name The Page's name. Corresponds to the NAME field in the Editor.

created Timestamp for when a Page was created.

id The Page's unique ID.

app_link_domain A link to another Meridian-powered app. Corresponds to the APP LINK DOMAIN field in the Editor.

app_link_title The app link text. Corresponds to the APP LINK TITLE field in the Editor.

layout For Image+Text Pages, this is either page_layout_1, page_layout_2, or page_layout_3. Corresponds to the LAYOUT dropdown menu in the Editor.

links A field that includes link and title for creating external links. Corresponds to the EXTERNAL LINKS fields in the Editor.

There's a Page limit of six external links.

placemarks One or more placemarks related to the Page.

"link": "placemark/{placemark_id}"

style For List Pages, the style of the list. This corresponds to the CELL STYLE dropdown on List Page types. The values are Slim and Fat.

logo_size On the Featured Page, the pixel size of the uploaded logo image. This corresponds to the Theme's LOGO upload widget.

filters For List Pages, filters limit the items that appear on a list. Corresponds to the FILTERS field on the List Page type.

Includes the fields property and value. Property is a category or custom value. Value is the string filtering the list that matches an existing category or custom value.

group_by For List Pages, items can be grouped by categories and custom values before sorting.

object_kind For List Pages, the type of object in the list, whether Pages, Events, or placemarks.

sort_by For List Pages, the sorting value, which is either Name or a custom value. Corresponds to the List Page's SORT BY field.

mode For Web Pages, determines how a web page looks in the app. Corresponds to the Web Page MODE dropdown menu. Browser includes a navigation bar, while Hosted doesn't show the navigation bar.

slides For Slideshow Pages, URLs to the images shown in the slideshow.

tabs For Tabbed View Pages, the links and titles for each tab. The Tabbed View is a collection of List Pages.

type The Page type. Corresponds to the TYPE dropdown menu. Includes Image+Text, List, Calendar, Tabbed View, Slideshow, and Web Page.

description For Image+Text Pages, the text on the Page. Corresponds to the DESCRIPTION field.

keywords For Image+Text Pages, non-displaying search terms. Corresponds to the KEYWORDS field.

phone For Image+Text Pages, a relevant phone number. Corresponds to the CONTACT INFO PHONE field.

email For Image+Text Pages, a relevant email address. Corresponds to the CONTACT EMAIL field.

url For Image+Text Pages, a relevant phone number. Corresponds to the CONTACT URL field.

custom_1, custom_2, custom_3, custom_4 For Image+Text Pages, user-defined values used to group and sort List Pages. Corresponds to the CUSTOM VALUES VALUE 1-4 fields.

feed If the Page was created by a feed, the URL of its feed.

uid The ID of an imported Page.

image_url For Image+Text Pages, the URL to the Page's image.

category_ids For Image+Text Pages, the unique IDs of Categories assigned to the Page. This ID isn't visible in the Editor UI.

categories For Image+Text Pages, the Categories assigned to the Page.

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