Get Started with Campaigns

This article covers the broad steps you'll need to complete implement Campaigns. Campaigns are used to send Meridian-powered app notifications or to gather location-based analytics. Beacons used for Campaigns are configured as Proximity Beacons.

Campaigns Prerequisites

If you're lacking one of the prerequisites, please contact Meridian for help.

1. Review Your Map in the Meridian Editor

Please note that Campaigns can be used without maps, also known as mapless Campaigns.

Once the Meridian maps team has created one or more of the maps for your location, make sure to review it in the Editor and set the map's control points to ensure accurate routing.

2. Locate Places Where You'd Like a Visitor to See a Notification

It's good to think about where you'd like people to see app notifications. Heavily trafficked areas, such as entrances, often make good spots to place a Campaign.

3. Create Campaigns in the Meridian Editor or Aruba Beacons App

Use the Meridian Editor or the Aruba Beacons app to create Campaigns for your location.

4. Deploy Battery-powered Campaign Beacons

Use the Aruba Beacons app to deploy proximity Aruba Beacons to your location.

8. Test Campaigns with the Beacons App

Once you've deployed proximity Beacons to your location, you can use the Aruba Beacons app to finetune the effectiveness of your Location Beacons.

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