Get Started with the Meridian Editor

The Meridian Editor is the content management system (CMS) used to host and generate content for Meridian-powered iOS and Android apps.

The Editor uses a sidebar menu to provide navigation to its main features. Different menu items will be displayed depending on the feature subscriptions.

Depending on your subscription, you may not see all of these menu items.


The Dashboard page displays the current status of your Beacons, Maps, Campaigns, and Feeds.

The Featured page lets you customize the look and functionality of your Meridian-powered apps landing page.

Requires the AppMaker subscription.


Pages lets you create content for your Meridian-powered apps.

Requires the AppMaker subscription.


Events lets you create and schedule location-based events for your Meridian-powered apps.

Requires the AppMaker subscription.


Feeds lets you import Events, Pages, and placemarks.

Requires the AppMaker subscription.


Theme lets you set the color scheme of your Meridian-powered app.

Requires the AppMaker subscription.


Floors lets you add routing and placemarks to your location's maps.

Requires the Maps subscription.


Categories are used to create List pages.

Requires the AppMaker subscription.


Languages lets your translate custom content in your app.

Requires the AppMaker subscription.


Reports provides analytics related to your Meridian-powered app usage.


Beacons provides management tools for your Beacons.

Requires the Beacons subscription.


Campaigns lets you create and manage Campaigns for your location.

Requires the Campaigns subscription.


Tags provides management tools for your Tags.

Requires the Tags subscription.


Settings provides information about your Location, as well as Web SDK code generator.

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