Generate Web SDK Code

This article describes how to use the Meridian Editor to generate complete, working Web SDK code that you can drop into a web page's HTML code.

What You'll Need

Before you can generate Web SDK code for your location, you'll need to generate an application token.

You'll also need a floor set up with a map for your location.

Generate Web SDK Code

The Web SDK code generator is in Settings on the Web SDK tab.

In the Required Options section, choose the floor you'd like to use, and then choose the read-only API token you'd like to use.

The page will generate code and an example map at the bottom of the page.

Other Options

The code generator includes the following options:

SHOW PLACEMARKS will display the floor's placemarks when checked.

SHOW TAGS will display the floor's tags when checked.

SHOW TAGS CONTROL will display the floor control tags when checked.

SHOW FLOORS CONTROL will show the floor selection button when checked.

REQUIRE SHIFT OR TWO FINGERS TO PAN/ZOOM will require SHIFT or two fingers to pan and zoom when checked.

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