Locations Feeds API Endpoint

This article describes how to use the /locations /feeds API endpoint.

Locations /feeds Endpoint

You can use the Locations endpoint to get all of the feeds for a specific location ID.


You can get information on a specific feed using its ID:

    /api/locations/{location_id}/feeds/{feed id}

Feeds Field Reference

created and modified Timestamps for when a feed was created in the Meridian Editor and when it was last modified.

id The unique feed ID.

url The feed URL.

name The feed name.

kind Feeds can be used for pages, placemarks, and events.

This field can be used as a filter.

type Feed types can be Meridian or custom.

This field can be used as a filter.

format For Meridian feed types, format can be JSON or XML. For custom feeds, you can use iCal, RSS, JSON, XML, or HTML.

auth_type This field is null if HTTP Basic Authentication isn't used.

mapping When using a custom type, this maps feed fields to Meridian fields.

updated The date of the last feed import.

imported_entities_count The number of items in the feed on the last import.

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