Locations Campaigns API Endpoint

This article describes how to use the /locations /campaigns API endpoint.

Locations /campaigns Endpoint

You can use the Locations endpoint to get all of the Campaigns for a specific location ID.


Campaigns Field Reference

Here are descriptions of the Campaigns API endpoint fields.

created and modified Timestamps for when a campaign was created and when it was last modified.

always_broadcast True or False. When True, the campaign will always trigger. When False, it will be limited by date and time.

allday True or False. When always_broadcast is False, you can limit the campaign to specific dates. If you do, you can set the campaign to trigger for the entire 24 hours on the specified dates.

dtstart and dtend When always_broadcast is False, these are the starting and ending dates when the campaign will be active.

message The text of the campaign sent to end users of a Meridian-powered app.

link A link to a page or placemark within the app. Links can also be created for web URLs.

type A campaign can be active or passive. An active campaign provides greater control over the distance when a campaign triggers based on its RSSI.

active True or False. Whether a campaign is enabled or disabled.

target_url For campaigns notifying a 3rd-party endpoint, the URL for that endpoint.

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