Locations Beacons API Endpoint

This article describes how to use the /locations /beacons API endpoint.

Locations /beacons Endpoint

You can use the Locations endpoint to get all of the Beacons for a specific location ID.


You can get information on a specific Beacon using its MAC.


With a specific Beacon's MAC, you can update or delete specific Beacon information.

Beacon Changesets

Changes made to a Beacon's state in the Meridian Editor's Beacons Management tool are sent as changesets to observers that are capable of modifying those Beacons, such as Aruba Sensors and Aruba APs.

Changes are limited to Beacon type (Proximity or Location) and Proximity Beacon power level. All other changes live entirely on the Meridian Editor.


Beacons Field Reference

Here are descriptions of the Beacons API endpoint fields.

created and modified Timestamps for when a Beacon was deployed to a map and when a Beacon's state was last changed.

mac A Beacon's MAC.

type Whether a Beacon is location or proximity.

map The map where a Beacon is deployed.

x and y The specific x/y coordinates of the Beacon on a map.

major and minor The Beacon's major/minor values.

UUID The Beacon's universal unique identifier.

name The Beacon name. Defined in the Aruba Beacons app.

firmware_a_version and firmware_b_version The Beacon firmware version. Some Beacon hardware has a second bank for use when the Beacon firmware is being upgraded.

rssi The Beacon received signal strength indication. One indicator of the Beacon's transmitting power.

battery_level The Beacon battery level.

txpower Beacon transmission power. See also: rssi.

timestamp The last time the Beacon was observed.

observer The ID of the Beacon's observer for the most recent timestamp.

managed True or False. Is the Meridian Editor's Beacons Management feature in use for this Beacon?

location The Beacon's location ID.

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