Locations API Overview

This article describes the uses of the top-level Locations API endpoint.

The Locations Endpoint

The Locations endpoint is used as the top-level endpoint for the Placemarks, Maps, and Asset-beacons endpoints.

The Locations endpoint will return data for the locations to which your token has access, but you may find it more useful to use a specific location ID.


The Locations endpoint is the top level endpoint for the following endpoints:

  • beacons
  • campaigns
  • events
  • feeds
  • maps
  • placemarks
  • search

Locations Detail

Making a request to the Locations endpoint will return details about the location and the location's organization.

Organization Detail

The organization detail information includes the organization name and ID, when it was created, when it was last modified, and other organization-specific information.

Location Detail

The location detail information includes the location name and ID, when it was created, when it was last modified, and other location-specific information.

It also includes a list of the features that are enabled for the location.

Location detail also includes mapping information, such as the location's latitude and longitude, its time zone, and the default language.

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