Display Maps (Android)

This article describes how to display maps using the Android SDK.

Display Maps

You can use MapFragment to provide a self-contained interface for maps and directions. Simply initialize the fragment with a valid EditorKey:

    // Create a key representing your app in the Meridian Editor.
    EditorKey appKey = new EditorKey("5809862863224832");

    // Create a key representing a map in the Meridian Editor.
    EditorKey mapKey = EditorKey.forMap("5668600916475904", appKey.getId());

    MapFragment mapFragment = new MapFragment.Builder().setMapKey(mapKey).build();

MapFragment hosts a MapView and implements the MapView.MapViewListener interface, handling the basic tasks delegated by MapView.

You can also use MapView directly in your own activity or fragment, optionally implementing methods defined by the MapView.MapViewListener interface so that your activity can respond to MapView events.

Call the setMapKey() method to choose the map to display. Otherwise, the default map will be loaded.

NOTE: We strongly advise using MapFragment whenever possible. If you decide to use a MapView independently, you must always pass your activity's pause/resume/destroy events to the MapView to ensure resources are managed properly.

    // Using pause/resume/destroy events with a MapView in your activity

    private MapView mapView;

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        EditorKey appKey = new EditorKey("5809862863224832");
        mapView = new MapView(this);

        // If you want to handle MapView events

        // If you want to load a map other than the default one
        mapView.setMapKey(EditorKey.forMap("5668600916475904", appKey.getId()));

        // Assume myLayout is this activity's root view

    protected void onResume() {

        // MapView needs to know when its host activity is resumed

    protected void onPause() {

        // MapView needs to know when its host activity is paused

    protected void onDestroy() {

        // MapView needs to know when its host activity is destroyed (SDK 4.7.0 and above)
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