Using Meridian Editor Keys (Android)

This article describes how to use Meridian Editor keys for apps, maps, and placemarks in the Android SDK.

How to Find a Specific Key

You can find the location and floor keys for a specific map by opening that map in the Meridian Editor.

Keys are often known as IDs.

The URL for the floor page contains the keys you'll need:

To get a specific placemark, select a placemark on the floor. The placemark key will be available in the URL as follows:

Using Editor Keys

Use instances of EditorKey to specify apps, maps, and placemarks that have been created in the Meridian Editor. Most of the Meridian SDK classes require a valid key during initialization.

    // Create a key representing your app in the Meridian Editor.
    EditorKey appKey = new EditorKey("5809862863224832");

    // Create a key representing a map in the Meridian Editor.
    EditorKey mapKey = EditorKey.forMap("5668600916475904", appKey.getId());

    // Create a key representing a placemark.
    EditorKey placemarkKey = EditorKey.forPlacemark("5668600916475904_5709068098338816", mapKey);

When you create an EditorKey to represent a map, the app identifier you provide becomes the parent of the map key. Likewise, when you create a placemarkKey, the map you specify becomes the parent of that placemark.

    EditorKey placemarkKey = EditorKey.forPlacemark("375634485771", someMapKey);

    EditorKey mapKey = placemarkKey.getParent();
    Log.i(TAG, "My map ID: " + mapKey.getId());

    EditorKey appKey = mapKey.getParent();
    Log.i(TAG, "My app ID: " + appKey.getId());
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