Remove the iOS 20 Beacon Limit

This article describes the workaround on the iOS limits on region monitoring.

Removing the 20 Beacon Limit

In previous versions of the SDK, locations were limited to a total of 20 Proximity Beacon push notification campaigns or regions. Once an iOS device detected 20 regions, it was unable to receive a push notification from any additional campaigns.

This new workaround uses a dynamic region monitoring strategy to listen to a continually rotating set of the Beacons nearest the device. Before reaching the 20 region limit, our new method unmonitors those regions that are farther away. As a result, an iOS device will never reach the region limit.

This new method uses a more active method for monitoring Proximity Beacons in the background. As a result, it's important to be mindful of your app's background usage in order to safeguard your users' device batteries.

Another advantage of this update is that you will no longer need to leave a Campaign's region in order to reset it.

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