Active Campaigns Deployment Best Practices

Active Campaigns 2.0, released in Editor version 3.10, uses new triggering thresholds for active campaigns. These new thresholds provide more options for configuring proximity notifications from 0 - 3 meters. 

These new triggering thresholds will not affect passive campaigns.

To access the new campaign distance trigger options, create an active campaign and then use the Campaign Trigger Distance dropdown to select one of the five options: Very CloseCloseNearFar and Very Far

The screen capture of a campaign configuration page below shows where these settings can be found. 

Meridian's goal was to enable customers to customize campaign trigger distances between 0 - 10 meters. However, due to real-world factors that limit the functionality of active campaigns, currently Very Close and Very Far are the two most reliably useful settings. 

For Campaign Trigger Distances, instead of numerical values, we've used phrases to approximate the range of triggering options. Active campaigns isn't reliable enough to use specific numerical ranges. Campaigns trigger based on the received signal strength indicator (RSSI) of the Beacon and, as with with other radio signals, different propagation effects and equipment characteristics will impact the RSSI of the Bluetooth signals detected by Meridian-powered apps.  

The following table describes some of the factors known to affect the distance at which campaigns are triggered:

Proximity Beacon
  • The Beacon's transmit power.  There may be variances in the broadcasted signal from the Beacon.
  • Physical obstacles affecting radio wave propagation, such as walls, surface reflectivity, plants, and others.
  • Distance between the transmitter and the receiver.
  • Interference from other radio generating sources. 
Mobile Device
  • Sensitivity (for Beacon to client transmission).  Areas with many Bluetooth devices may affect the received RSSI of the heard Beacons.
  • The mobile device's operating system.
  • The type of Bluetooth hardware radio used in the mobile device.

In a real world deployment, Beacon transmit power, physical obstacles and interferences, along with mobile device sensitivities has made it difficult to set specific distances when a campaign will trigger. 

IMPORTANT: Meridian currently recommends the use of Very Close and Very Far trigger distances. Even though five options are available in the drop down menu for active campaign triggers, these two options (Very Close and Very Far) offer the best performance across iOS and Android devices. We don't currently recommend the use of Close, Near and Far.  

Use the following table to help you decide which trigger distances may be used to deliver the campaign performance you'd like to see. 

  Retail Healthcare Enterprise Public Venues
0 m
(Very Close)
  • Tap to receive detailed product description or price
  • Hold here to purchase item
  • Hold your phone next to this display to sign up for service
  • Place device on desk for hot desking or reserving a mobile desk
  • Hold your phone here to reserve this conference room
  • Hold here to learn more about this particular item in the display case
1-3 m*
(Very Far)
  • Welcome to a department notification
  • "Thank you" for purchase and ask for survey
  • Send coupon notification when near a product
  • Entry/Exit of aisles (Walmart)
  • Welcome to the store notification
  • Notification to attract a passer-by to come into the store
  • Emergency notification for device that is close enough to "hear" broadcasting beacon
  • Welcome to the hospital, would you like to check in for your appointment?
  • Finding a department or cafeteria  
  • Triggering "in patient room" workflows like putting a patient's record on a screen in the patient's room
  • Emergency notification for anyone that is close enough to hear this beacon
  • Finding a department or cafeteria.  
  • Presence detection in a conference room
  • Emergency notification for device that is close enough to "hear" broadcasting beacon
  • Welcome message
  • Emergency notification for anyone that is close enough to hear this beacon

*For distances greater than 3 meters, passive campaigns remain a viable alternative for triggering proximity notifications. 

IMPORTANT:  Even though you can set power levels to Low, Medium, and High, when using active campaigns, Meridian strongly recommends setting the proximity Beacon level to High.  

Notifications are directly affected by the quality of the signal received by the mobile device. Based on our testing and observations, Apple devices are generally more sensitive to the Bluetooth radio signal and exhibit a more consistent triggering behavior compared to Android devices. The variation in the sensitivity of Android devices makes it difficult to establish a baseline for setting the distance for the campaign trigger. Due to variances in Beacons hardware, environmental interferences, and mobile device sensitivities, achieving consistent triggers across all mobile device type can be a challenge.  

To assist in troubleshooting campaign triggers, the following are charts that show the RSSI received based on a specific mobile device at specific distances. These results are intended as a guideline. Different locations may produce different results.