Tag Details

Tags View

The Tags View lists all of the Aruba Tags that can be detected by the Tags app.

The top part of the list highlighted in green are Aruba Tags that are detected by the app, but haven't yet been placed on a map.

The white lower part of the list are Aruba Tags that have been placed on a map.

Pull the list down to refresh it.

Tap an Aruba Tag in the list to add or edit it.

Tag Scanning

The Tags app uses the Bluetooth signals from an Aruba Tag to identify the Tag being added to a location.

The QR Code Scanning method for adding Tags has been replaced with Tag Scanning.

On the Tags screen, tap Add.

Make sure the Aruba Tag is turned on, and then place the Aruba Tag on the top front of the your device.

Tag Scanning can take 1-5 seconds to register the Aruba Tag.

When the scan is complete, tap Confirm. The Tag is added to your location.