Tags App Overview

The Aruba Tags app, like the Aruba Beacons app, is used to deploy and manage Aruba Tags. Aruba Tags are used to track assets on a map. Tags can also be used to track assets that aren't on a map.

Asset Tags Overview

Asset Tags are used for asset tracking as part of a real-time location system (RTLS).

Once an Asset Tag has been deployed using the Aruba Tags app, the tagged asset can be tracked on a map using the Aruba Tags app, the Meridian Editor, and the Meridian SDK.

In order to disambiguate Aruba Tags and their assets, names, external IDs, and labels can be assigned to each Asset Tag. Photos or images can also be assigned to Asset Tags.

Like the Beacons app, the Tags app has three main views:

  • The Tags View
  • The Assets View
  • The Locations View