Campaigns in the Beacons App

Reconfigure Beacon Type

In some cases, you may want to reconfigure a Location Beacon as a Proximity Beacon. Use the Beacon Info screen to change the Beacon type.

Reconfigure a Location Beacon as a Proximity Beacon

Complete these steps to reconfigure a Location Beacon as a Proximity Beacon.

  1. On the Beacons app Map View screen, find the Location Beacon you'd like to reconfigure as a Proximity Beacon, and then tap it to select it.

  2. Tap the i button to open Beacon Info.

  3. On the Beacon Info screen, tap TYPE.

  4. On the Type screen, tap Proximity, and then tap <.

  5. Tap Save.

Campaign Cooldown Periods

In order to prevent your visitors from being overwhelmed with notifications, Campaigns automatically throttle the number of notifications sent to a single user by observing a cooldown period between notifications.

A Beacon will only send a notification to the same device once every five minutes.

For Campaigns triggered on exit, there is a 30 second delay after the trigger before the notification is sent.

A Campaign can only be triggered by the same device once every 12 hours.

There is no cooldown limit on third-party endpoint notifications.

Troubleshooting Campaigns

With Beacons 3.0, there are new tools for troubleshooting your Campaigns.

Reset Campaigns

At the top of the Campaigns screen, tap Reset Campaigns to reset all of your Campaign cooldowns for that device.

When you reset Campaigns, your device will receive those notifications again when it hears the associated Beacons.

Device Status

In order for a device to receive Campaign push notifications, the following need to be true:

Device Setting Status
INTERNET Connected
LOCATION Authorized

If INTERNET is Disconnected, make sure your device is connected to the internet through a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

If BLUETOOTH is Off, turn on Bluetooth on your device.

If LOCATION is Denied, give Beacons app permission to use your location on your device.

If NOTIFICATIONS is Disabled, give Beacons app permission to send you notifications on your device.

Campaign Information

In order to get more detail on a specific Campaign, tap a Campaign's name.

The Campaign info screen describes all of the information the Meridian Editor knows about the Campaign:

  • Campaign Title
  • Campaign ID
  • Campaign Action or Type
  • Message or 3rd-party endpoint notification
  • Message or URL
  • The message being send or the URL being notified
  • Campaign status
  • Active or Inactive
  • Campaign schedule
  • Always or a specific date and time range
  • The last time the Campaign was triggered
  • Maps for every Beacon assigned to the Campaign
  • The complete activity log for the Campaign

Send Campaign Logs

If you'd like us to help you troubleshoot your Campaigns, tap the Share button to email or copy your Campaign logs.

Testing Proximity Beacons

Once your Proximity Beacons are configured and have been associated with a Campaign, you can use the Beacons app to test your Campaign notifications. It will receive Campaign notifications like any other Meridian-powered app.

You can also test Campaigns by downloading Aruba Meridian from the App Store and launching your location from the Meridian Editor's Share button.

If the Campaign you're testing is set to trigger "On Exit", your notification will appear once you have entered and then left the Beacon's range. After your device has not heard from that Beacon for 30 seconds, the campaign should trigger.

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