Create an Active Campaign

This article describes how to create an active campaign.

Active Campaigns

Active campaigns provide greater control over when a campaign fires within short distances of 0-2 meters.

When a Meridian-powered app is active or recently active, campaigns can be triggered at much more precise distances.

Active campaigns use RSSI values to determine when a campaign should be triggered. When a Meridian-powered app first hears the Bluetooth signal of a Beacon assigned to an Active campaign, for the next 160 seconds it will begin actively listening for that Beacon at a specific RSSI threshold. If it reaches that threshold, the campaign will trigger. If it doesn't meet that threshold, the campaign won't trigger.

NOTE: There is no time limit on Android.

When a Meridian-powered app hears a different Beacon signal associated with an Active campaign, it will start the 160 second countdown again.

Enable an Active Campaign

Complete these steps to enable an Active campaign.

  1. Create a campaign as you normally would.
  2. In the CAMPAIGN TYPE dropdown, click Active.
  3. Assign a Beacon to the campaign, if you haven't already done so.

On exit Active Campaigns aren't currently supported.

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