Beacon Icon Reference

Beacon Icons

Beacons have different status icons depending on where you are in the Beacons app.

Unplaced Beacons

Unplaced Beacons are ones the Beacons app can detect that aren't placed and configured on any map. They are ready to be deployed.

Tap and drag an unplaced Beacon to the map to start the configuration process.

Placed Beacons

A Beacon can be placed and configured as either a location or proximity Beacon.

Tap and drag a placed Beacon to the map to move it to a new location. When you move a placed Beacon, only its location changes. All of its settings remain the same.

If you move a Beacon in the Beacons app, please be sure to move the Beacon hardware to the corresponding location.

Placed Aruba Sensor

The Aruba Sensor is a device that manages surrounding Beacons as well as functioning as a location or proximity Beacon.

Placed Beacons on Other Maps

If your location has multiple maps, the Beacons app may be able to detect Beacons on more than one map. These Beacons are represented with greyed out icons.

Tap a Beacon placed on another map to go to that Beacon's location on the other map.

Inaccessible Beacon

An inaccessible Beacon is unconfigurable, most likely because you don't have access to it.

Aruba Access Point

Aruba Access Points (APs) that support Beacon Managment or have a USB Beacon installed will be shown on the map.

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