Replace a Beacon

Replace a Beacon

In some cases you may want to replace Beacon hardware. Complete these steps to replace a Beacon. Before or after these steps, you will need to physically unmount the Beacon you want to replace with the new Beacon you'd like to use.

The Replace feature is intended for Beacons that are no longer functioning. Replacing a Beacon makes a copy of that Beacon. If both Beacons are active, it can disrupt Campaign push notifications and location services. If you replace a functioning Beacon, be sure to remove its battery or disable it in some other way.

  1. On the Map View screen, find the Beacon you'd like to replace or delete, and then tap it to select it.

  2. Tap the i button to open Beacon Info.

  3. On the Beacon Info screen, tap the Replace button. It looks like two curved arrows.

  4. In the Replace Beacon list, find the Beacon you want to use to replace the Beacon, and then tap it.

The Beacons app deletes the old Beacon, and configures the new Beacon with the old Beacon's settings.

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