Edit a Beacon

On the Edit Beacon Settings page, you can change the settings for a specific Beacon. Specifically, you can change the Beacon's type and set the power level for proximity Beacons.

Go to Edit Beacon Settings

In the Beacons list, click anywhere in a row to go to that Beacon's Edit Beacon Settings page.

Change a Beacon Name

On the Edit Beacon Settings page, you can change the Beacon name.

The Beacon name is searchable and is displayed in the Beacon List above its MAC address in the NAME column.

In the NAME field, enter the name you'd like to use, and then click Save.

Edit Beacon Settings

Complete these steps to edit a Beacon's settings.

  1. Click the Edit Beacon Settings button.
  2. On the edit page, click the TYPE dropdown to choose Location or Proximity.
  3. If it's a proximity Beacon, click POWER LEVEL dropdown, and then choose Low, Medium, or High.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Back to Beacon.

On the Edit Beacon Settings page, a banner shows when your change was made as well as its current status.

Copy and Paste

Click the blue Copy and Paste button to the right of a field to copy the field's value to your clipboard.

The copy and paste button only works in Chrome.

Info Section

The following describes the fields in the Info section.


The Beacon's name. This shows above the MAC address in the Beacon List's NAME column.


A visual indicator of the Beacon's current battery level.


The date and time on which the Beacon was first deployed and configured to a location.


The date and time on which the Beacon's settings were last edited.


The approximate time since the Beacon was last heard by an observer.

Hardware Section

The following describes the fields in the Hardware section.


Shows whether the Beacon is configured as a proximity or location Beacon.


If it's a proximity Beacon, it can be set to Low, Medium, or High.

Location Beacons are always set to High and the power level can't be changed.


The specific Aruba hardware model number of the Beacon.


The name of the Aruba Beacon model.

BLE Section

The following describes the fields in the BLE section.


The Aruba Beacon's MAC address.

The MAC address is also printed on a sticker on the Beacon's back or side.


The Beacon's major/minor values. These are generated for the Beacon when it's first configured and deployed to a location.


The Beacon's received signal strength indication (RSSI).


The unique ID of the last observer to have heard from the Beacon.


If the Beacon has been deployed to a map in your location, the Map section shows the Beacon's location on a map.

Move a Beacon

Click and drag the Beacon to a new position on the map.

Make sure the Aruba Beacon hardware is located correctly to match the new map position.

Click Save.

Move a Beacon to a New Map

Complete these steps to move a Beacon to a new map.

  1. In the Map section, click the SELECT A MAP dropdown, and then select the new map where the Aruba Beacon is located.
  2. If necessary, click and drag the Beacon icon to its correct location on the new map.
  3. Click Save.
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