Get Started with the Beacons App

This article describes how to use the Aruba Beacons app to deploy Beacons to a map.


Using the Aruba Beacons app, Beacon hardware can be configured, placed, and deployed to a map. When a Beacon is deployed, the Beacons app sends the deployed Beacon's information to the Meridian Editor. The Editor adds the Beacon to the correct map.

Follow these general steps to deploy a new Beacon. They can be completed in either order.

  1. Use the Beacons app to add a Beacon to the map. You can use the Beacons app to adjust the Beacon location later.

  2. Place the Beacon hardware on a wall or ceiling near its location on the Beacons app map.

Logging In

The first time you open the Beacons app, you'll see a login screen. Enter the email address and password you use to log in to the Meridian Editor. Once you've logged in, you won't be prompted to log in again unless you log out, reinstall, or upgrade the Beacons app.

If you've forgotten your password, tap Forgot password?. The Beacons app loads the Editor's login screen. Tap Forgot Password. On the following page in the EMAIL ADDRESS field, enter the email address you use to log in to the Editor, and then tap Send. An email will be sent to you with instructions for resetting your password.

If you don't have an account in the Meridian Editor, contact a current Meridian Editor user for your organization.

Before you can deploy Beacons to a map, you'll need to have a map set up for your location in the Editor. If you don't have a map set up in the Editor, please contact Meridian.

For more information on the Meridian Editor map creation process, please see the Creating Meridian Maps article.

Once you've logged in, tap the location you'd like to load in the Beacons app.

Beacons App Views

The Beacons app is made up of three main views.

  • The Map View`
  • The Campaigns View
  • The Locations View

Map View

The Map View is the primary view and the screen you'll be using to deploy new Beacons.

You can use the Map View to:

  • Place a Beacon on the map.
  • See all the Beacons deployed on a map.
  • Get detailed Beacon settings and information.
  • List the Beacons the Beacons app can detect
  • List the maps for the current location.
  • Show your current location on the map.
  • Select the map layers you'd like to see.

Campaigns View

The Campaigns View shows lists all of the active and inactive Campaigns that have been created in the Meridian Editor for the current location.

You'll use the Meridian Editor to create new Campaigns. Then you can use the Beacons app to associate your newly deployed Proximity Beacons with those Campaigns.

You can also use this view to troubleshoot Campaigns.

Account View

The Locations View lists all the locations assigned to your account. It's the screen you'll see the first time you log in to the Beacons app.

If you have access to a large number of locations, use the search box to filter the location list.

The next time you open the app it will jump directly to your last open location.

You can also log out of the Beacons app.

Scroll to the bottom of the Locations list to see the Aruba Beacons version number.

Switch Maps

The Map View only shows one map at a time, but the Map List button will give you access to every map that has been created by your organization in the Meridian Editor.

Tap the Map List button, and then tap the map you'd like to see. That map will open in the Map View.

Show My Location

The Map View is the primary view you'll use when interacting with Beacons.

Tap the Show My Location button to test how well the location Beacons are working. This can help you refine your Beacon placement as you deploy new Beacons. You'll need to deploy some Beacons before the Show My Location button will work.

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