Location Sharing

Use Location Sharing to find people and share your location within a Meridian-powered app.

Location sharing is also called Find My Friend.

Create a Profile

Before you can share your location, you'll need to create a profile.

Enter the first and last name you'd like to use. Optionally, tap the profile circle to choose a profile image from your camera roll or take a picture of yourself.

Once you've created a profile, share your location.

When you share your location, the app will generate a link and opens the share sheet for you to share it. Anyone with that link will be able to see your location in the app.

You can share the link in many different ways, such as text message, email, Slack, or even Twitter. (We do not advise sharing the link on Twitter.)

Invitation links expire after 7 days.

On the Friends list, tap Share Location to generate a new link to share.

Find a Friend

In the app, your friends are listed on the Friends tab as soon as they use your share link. If they're present in your location, their icon will be shown on the map. For locations with more than one map, you may not see your friend's icon right away.

To find your friend's map location, tap a name on the friend list, and then tap Show on Map. The app jumps to the map with your friend's location.

Get Directions

There are two ways to get directions to your friends, from the map screen or the friend list.

On the map, tap your friend's icon, and then tap the directions arrow.

On the friend list, tap your friend's name, and then tap Get Directions.

Follow the directions to find your friend. If your friend moves, the directions will update to reflect that.

Stop Sharing with a Friend

To stop sharing with a single person, go to the Friends list.

There are two ways to stop sharing with a single person.

Swipe left on a friend, and then tap Remove.

Tap a friend, and then tap Delete Friend.

Stop Sharing with Everyone

On the Friends list, tap Stop Sharing to stop sharing your location with all of your friends.

Tap Resume Sharing to start sharing with your friends again.

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