List Pages


List Pages are combinations of other Pages, Placemarks, and Events. You can even make pages that are lists of lists.


The OBJECT TYPE dropdown menu lets you choose between Page, Placemark, or Event object types.

On a list of Placemarks, only Points of Interest Placemarks will be shown.

Choosing an object type will populate the list with all the objects of that type.

Lists aren't limited to one object type, because you can add specific objects, too, using the OBJECTS field.


The GROUP BY dropdown menu lets you group objects by category or custom values you've created.

In order to use the Group By feature, you'll need to assign categories or custom values to your Pages, Placemarks, and Events.


The SORT BY dropdown menu lets you sort lists by object name or a custom value you've created.


The CELL STYLE dropdown menu lets you choose between the Slim and Fat styles.

If the objects in your list have images, choose the Fat style. Otherwise, choose Slim.


FILTERS let you remove content from the list matching specific categories or custom values that you create.

Click the + to add a new filter. In the PROPERTY dropdown menu, choose Category or a custom value. In the VALUE field, enter the Category or Custom Value you'd like to filter by.

Filters are case-sensitive.

You can use more than one filter. The more filters you have, the less likely it is that content will appear on the page.


OBJECTS lets you add specific Pages, Placemarks, and Events to the list. This gives you much greater control over the content shown on a list.

To add an object, click the +. In the LINK field, start typing the name of the Page, Placemark, or Event you'd like to add.

As you type, possible matches are shown under the field. When you see the one you want, click it to select it.

To delete an object, mouseover the object link, and then click the red trashcan.

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