Using the Meridian Editor, you can add a variety of Pages to your Meridian-powered app. This article describes the different Pages available to you, as well as the options for each Page type.

Add a New Page

To add a new Page, in the Meridian Editor sidebar, click PAGES.

If this is your first time adding a Page, click Add your first Page. If not, click the Add Page + button.

Give your Page a name thats meaningful to you. You can edit a Page's name and other content as often as you like.

The name field has a character limit of 27 characters. Characters after the 27th will be truncated in the Meridian-powered app.

Click the TYPE dropdown menu to choose the type of page you'd like to add.

Make sure to click the Save button in the top right when adding or editing a Page.

The Page Preview

As you edit a Page's content, the Preview updates to give you a general idea of what your page will look like in the app.

You can view your content in the Aruba Meridian app as you make changes to see what your page will actually look like. Close and open the app to see your newest changes.

Download the Android version of Aruba Meridian from the Google Play App Store.

Download the iOS version of Aruba Meridian from the iOS App Store.

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