Add Placemarks to a Map

Once you've used the Meridian Editor to add placemarks to your map, your visitors will be able to find those placemarks in your Meridian-powered app by locating them on the map, browsing for them in a list, or by searching for them by name.

Complete these steps to use the Meridian Editor to add a placemark to your map.

  1. In the Meridian Editor sidebar, click MAPS.

  2. Under Maps, click the Placemark button next to the map level where you'd like to add a placemark. The Placemark button is an upside down teardrop shape.

  3. Click and drag and zoom the map until you can easily see the part of the map where you'd like to add a placemark.

  4. Under the + and - zoom buttons, click the Draw a marker button.

  5. Click the map where you'd like to add the placemark.

  6. The placemark is added to the map.

Placemark Types

There are two main placemark types: facilities and points of interest.

Points of interest are unique placemarks that your visitors may want to find.

Facilities are placemarks such as restrooms, water fountains, and ATMs. When your location has more than one type of facility, the Meridian-powered app will direct your visitor toward the closest one.

In the Meridian-powered app, facilities placemarks are listed on the Amenities tab.

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