Area Placemarks

Most placemarks are located at specific points on a map, but there are times when you may need to mark a larger area on your map. You can do this by drawing a polygon area on your map.

Add an Area Placemark

Complete these steps to draw an area placemark on the map.

  1. Go to the map where you'll be adding an area placemark.

  2. Click the Draw a Polygon button.

  3. Using the Draw a Polygon tool, click around the edges of the area to draw the points of the polygon.

  4. Click the first point you drew to finish drawing the polygon area. TIP: Click and drag the polygon points to change its shape.

  5. In the placemark sidebar, edit the placemark details.

  6. Click Save.

Area Placemark Types

While any placemark type can be assigned to an area placemark, there are three placemark types that are specific to area placemarks.

Exclusion Zone: The exclusion zone marks spaces on your map where your Meridian-powered app blue dot shouldn't go. It does this by snapping the blue dot to the edge of the exclusion zone area. It also prevents the blue dot from crossing exclusion zones.

Labels: Labels are like normal placemarks, except they're displayed in the Meridian-powered app without an icon, but with slightly larger text. They appear at a higher zoom priority than normal placemarks.

Outdoor Area: Marking an area as an outdoor area will cause the Meridian-powered app to use GPS for location, instead of beacons.

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