Set the Map's Scale and Orientation

Once the Meridian Maps team has finished customizing your map and uploaded it to the Meridian Editor, you'll need to set the map's scale so that your Meridian-powered app will be able to calculate distances when calculating turn-by-turn directions.

Control Points

The Meridian Editor uses control points to calculate map size. By aligning a map's control points with the Google Maps satellite image of the same location, the Editor can calculate the sizing for the Meridian-powered app's location and wayfinding features.

If you don't set the control points, the map won't be to scale.

Set a Map's Control Points

Complete these steps to edit a map's control points to set the map's scale and offset. Before you can set a map's control points, you'll need to have a map image for that floor.

  1. In the Meridian Editor sidebar, click Floors, and then click the floor with the control points you'd like to edit.
  2. Scroll down to the Map Control Points (Reference) section, and then in the Search by address or place name search for the building's location's address.
  3. Click the + button to zoom in until you can easily see the map's building.
  4. Click place markers here, and then click and drag the + markers to the top left and bottom right corners of your building.
  5. In the map view, click and drag the + control point markers to match the placement in the satellite view.
  6. When you're done positioning the control points, click Save.

North Offset

NORTH OFFSET is a value used to handle variations between true north and magnetic north.

For example, if the main entrance to your map is located at the north of your location, you'd probably want to enter 180 in the MAP NORTH field to rotate the map 180 degrees. This would rotate the map so the main entrance appeared at the bottom of the map.

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