Meridian Reports and Privacy

This article describes possible privacy issues related to Meridian Reports.

Meridian Reports and Personal Data

Although Meridian Reports doesn't process personally identifying information directly, it does use the following potentially personally identifying information:

  • Advertising device ID
  • Placemarks that may include personal information

Meridian Reports and Google Analytics

Meridian Reports uses Google Analytics to process the data used to generate its reports.

Although it seems technically unfeasible, using the raw data sent to and processed by Google Analytics, it may be possible to connect a specific advertising ID to a specific person.

The advertising ID data isn't available through Meridian Reports directly.

If a location has placemarks that include personally identifying information, this data will be transmitted to and processed by Google Analytics. This data will also be visible in Meridian Reports.

For example, in a corporate setting, desk placemarks may include the names of employees sitting at those desks.

Meridian Reports Aggregate Data

Although there's no way to tie the Meridian Reports aggregate data, some Reports do report on usage and behavior that provides insight into how users are using Meridian-powered apps.

For example: The Heatmap report displays where users tend to congregate on a map. The Device Models and Device OS counts show the types of devices being used with the Meridian-powered app. * The Device Details report shows specific mobile OS versions being used.

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