Data Retention Policy

In addition to the policies described in HPE Data Privacy and Security Agreement, the Aruba Terms and Conditions, and the Meridian Terms and Conditions, Meridian has the following data retention policies.

Data and Google Analytics

The Meridian platform uses Google Cloud Services for its servers for the purposes of storing and processing data. Google Analytics provides the data used in Meridian Reports.

Device ID

For various features, Meridian uses unique device IDs for Campaigns and generating some Reports, as well as internal auditing of logs.

Although these device IDs aren't directly tied to personally identifiable information, Meridian will delete device ID data after 31 days.

User and Event Data

In Google Analytics, all user and event data older than 14 months will be deleted.

Meridian user accounts are email addresses.

Account Deletion

User requested deletions will take place 31 days following the request.

Meridian Editor users with the Owner permissions can delete user accounts.

Editor accounts will be deleted after 14 months of non-use.

Location Sharing Data

Location Sharing (or Find My Friends) is an opt-in feature that allows a person to share their location with one or more other people of their choosing within a Meridian-powered app.

Location Sharing data is tied to a specific device ID, but the feature itself doesn't require personally identifiable information of any kind.

All Location Sharing data present after 6 months of non-use will be deleted.

Individuals can request that their Location Sharing data be deleted sooner than 6 months.