Meridian Data Usage

This article describes the data the Meridian platform uses.

Data at rest is encrypted. Data is transmitted over HTTPS. All password data is encrypted while transmitted and at rest.

Personal Data

Meridian uses email addresses for Meridian Editor user accounts.

Although it's not tied to personally identifiable information, Meridian uses iOS and Android device/app-specific IDs for use with some Meridian features and analytics.

Non-Personal Data

Most of the data stored by Meridian is not personally identifiable information.

Meridian Reports and API endpoints provide a good overview of the type of data collected and processed by Meridian.

Meridian Reports

Meridian reports collect data on the general usage of Meridian-powered apps in your location.

These include things like page views, searches, directions, and campaign notifications.

In addition, Reports also collects data on device hardware and software versions.

Meridian API

The Meridian API uses token-based authentication. If you have access to a location in the Meridian Editor, you also have access to that location's API endpoints.

You can use the Meridian API to access data on: asset tracking Beacons campaigns events feeds maps placemarks search

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