AppMaker is the name for the Meridian tools that together create Meridian-powered apps.

AppMaker is made up of the Meridian Editor and the Meridian iOS and Android SDKs. Using these tools, you can create either a white-label or SDK Meridian-powered app.

The Meridian Editor

The Meridian Editor is the content management system (CMS) for Meridian-powered apps.

The Meridian SDKs

Meridian provides SDKs so that you can create your own iOS and Android Meridian-powered apps using the content that lives on the Meridian Editor.

White-Label Apps

As a service, Meridian will walk you through the process of creating and publishing iOS and Android white-label apps for your location.

SDK Apps

Using the iOS and Android SDKs, you can create Meridian-powered apps that have some or all of the functionality of the standard white-label apps.