Meridian creates beautiful and highly readable indoor and outdoor maps for use with blue dot location services and asset tracking in iOS and Android mobile apps.

Maps is one of Meridian core subscription features.

Maps Overview

The Meridian maps team can create maps indoor and outdoor maps for your location using a variety of map image files.

Map colors and styles are highly customizable and maintain visual fidelity at any zoom level.

Location Services

Location services includes location awareness--showing a blue dot on a map where your user is--and routing.

Meridian also has a location sharing feature that lets users share their location with other users of the Meridian-powered app.


Meridian maps include more than just building and wall outlines.

Using the Meridian Editor, points of interest--called placemarks--can be placed on your map.

Meridian-powered apps can generate routing from a user's current location to specific placemarks on the map.