Meridian PoC Quickstart Guide

Getting up and running with a Meridian PoC may seem like a daunting task, but there are just a few simple steps.  This document provides quickly consumable resources, in both document and video formats, along with the expected time to consume.  Use these assets to quickly discover how you can easily get your PoC environment up and running.  

Should you have any questions, reach out to your SE or the Meridian team at

If you are not currently engaged with a Meridian PoC, but are interested in evaluating Meridian technologies, reach out to your Aruba account team directly for assistance.


  • Access to the Editor (Video 1:41)
  • Download and install iOS Beacons app (Documentation ~4:00 minute) – (Video 1:09)
  • Create/submit a custom map for Meridian (Documentation ~3:00 minutes) – (Video 1:12)

Getting Started

Developing Your Application