Access Point Beacon Reset

APB Beacon Reset

The APB Beacon network reset will reset auto-deployed APB Beacons to their default settings.

The recommended use case is when re-using previously auto-deployed Beacons in a new location.

Steps to take;

  1. Configure BLE Reset URL to reset the APB values to default (Major/Minor "0")
  2. Manually delete AP Beacons from old Meridian location
  3. Configure AP Beacons using new Meridian location values

Configure BLE Reset URL 

See BLE Management config docs on where to adjust BLE URL for your platform/rev. This can be done in the GUI & CLI.

  1. Change BLE Management URL to the BLE Reset URL 
  2. If you're on AOS/Instant 8.3.x code and using an IoT TransportProfile for beacons management, you can force an APB update in CLI by executing the following;
    • ble-init-action send-update <IoT Profile Name>
  3. Validate your APBs have reset their Major/Minor;
    • AOS: In CLI; show ap debug ble-table <ap-name> all (Validate all nearby APBs a particular AP can hear. Look for Major/Minor and validate it is "0")
    • Instant: In Support, run "AP BLE Table" on all APs (Validate all APBs have reset their Major/Minor to "0")

Delete AP Beacons from Meridian

In order to re-configure the APBs after reset and place them into their new Meridian location, you must first delete them from the Meridian database using the Meridian Editor (from the Beacons pane) or the Beacons app

Re-Configure BLE Management URL

After your AP Beacons have been deleted from the old location, you will need to configure the proper ap system-profile or IoT TransportProfile with their new Beacons Management values. See configuration docs