Access Point Beacon Reset

APB Beacon Reset

The recommended use case is when re-using previously auto-deployed Beacons in a new location.

The APB Beacon network reset will accomplish 2 major tasks;

1. Reset auto-deployed APB Beacons to their default BLE settings

2. Delete the beacon data from the Meridian data store

Steps to take;

  1. Configure BLE Reset URL to reset the APB values to default (Major/Minor "0")
  2. Configure AP Beacons using new Meridian location values

Configure BLE Reset URL 

See  BLE Management config docs on where to adjust BLE URL for your platform/rev. This can be done in the GUI & CLI.

  1. Change BLE Management URL to the BLE Reset URL 
    • This process can take up to an hour to complete automatically. When it is complete, all your APB's will clear their BLE values (Major/Minor will reset to "0")
  2. If you're on AOS/Instant 8.3.x+ code and using an IoT TransportProfile for beacons management, you can force an APB update in CLI by executing the following;
    • AOS: ap ble-init-action ap-name <ap-name> send-update <IoT Profile Name>
    • Instant: ble-init-action send-update <IoT Profile Name>
  3. Validate your APBs have reset their Major/Minor;
    • AOS: In CLI; show ap debug ble-table <ap-name> all (Validate all nearby APBs a particular AP can hear. Look for Major/Minor and validate it is "0")
    • Instant: From GUI in Support; run "AP BLE Table" on all APs (Validate all APBs have reset their Major/Minor to "0")

Re-Configure BLE Management URL

After your AP Beacons have been deleted from the old location, you will need to configure the proper ap system-profile or IoT TransportProfile with their new Beacons Management values.  See configuration docs