Configuring Access Point Beacons Remotely

APB Auto-Deploy will automatically configure AP Beacons when Beacons Management is enabled for a location. APB Auto-Deploy can configure Beacons for mapped and mapless locations.

When Beacons Management is enabled for a location, ALL undeployed AP Beacons in that location will be configured for that location and available to be placed on a map.

The high-level tasks to complete are;

1a. Obtain list of APs and their respective Wired/BLE MAC addresses.
1b. Obtain mapping of physical location of AP beacons to configure (AirWave is the preferred platform to obtain physical AP locations)
2. Configure Beacons Management
3a. If in a mapped location, place AP beacons on Meridian map
3b. If in a mapless location, associate AP beacons to their desired Campaign(s)

APB Auto-Deploy Supported Hardware

Model Name
BT-AS100 Aruba Sensor
BT-AP320 Aruba 320 Series Access Points
BT-AP330 Aruba 330 Series Access Points
BT-AP310 Aruba 310 Series Access Points
BT-AP207 Aruba 207 Series Access Points
BT-AP300 Aruba 300 Series Access Points
BT-AP300H Aruba 300H Access Point
BT-AP360 Aruba 360 Series Access Points
BT-AP203 Aruba 203 Series Access Points
BT-AP340 Aruba 340 Series Access Points
BT-AP370 Aruba 370 Series Access Points
BT-AP303 Aruba 303 Series Access Points
BT-AP318 Aruba 318 Series Access Points

APB Auto-Deploy will only deploy and configure AP Beacons and Aruba Sensors. Battery-powered Beacons can't be Auto-Deployed.

2. Beacons Management Requirement

To enable APB Auto-Deploy, Beacons Management needs to be enabled for your location.

Please go to Configure Beacon Management and Asset Tracking for more information on how to do this for your particular Instant/AOS rev.

After Beacons Management is configured, the infrastructure will send Meridian the list of known AP Beacons to Meridian, and will populate the Beacons list.

This can take up-to 30 minutes to fully populate

3a. APB Auto-Deploy for Mapped Locations

In mapped locations, APB Auto-Deploy configures Beacons as Location Beacons.

Auto-Deployed Location Beacons still need to be manually placed on a map. This can be done using the Aruba Beacons app or the Meridian Editor's Beacons Management tool.

1. Navigate to your Meridian location and select, "Beacons" from the navigation pane
2. The Beacons, once populated, will show a blank Building and Floor
3. Select a pre-populated AP beacon
4. Towards the bottom of the page is a Floor section and a drop-down menu. Select the Building/Floor desired
5. Select the blue location pin-drop on the left-hand side and place on the map where the AP beacon is physically located

3b. APB Auto-Deploy for Mapless Locations

In mapless locations, APB Auto-Deploy configures Beacons as Proximity Beacons.

Each Proximity Beacon is assigned the Default Auto-Deploy Campaign.

At this time, it is only possible to add/remove a beacon from a campaign using the Beacons app AND being in proximity of the beacon for the mobile device to configure the appropriate change-sets.

It is not possible to remove/add a proximity beacon to a campaign via the Meridian Editor in a Mapless location.

The Default Auto-Deploy Campaign

The Default Auto-Deploy Campaign is a blank placeholder Campaign.

The Default Auto-Deploy Campaign can't be deleted, but it can be edited.

If you add a device message to the Default Auto-Deploy Campaign and enable it, that Campaign message will be sent to all devices in range of all auto-deployed Proximity Beacons.

New Campaigns can be created and added to any auto-deployed Proximity Beacon to replace the Default Auto-Deploy Campaign.