Configure Beacon Management and Asset Tracking for InstantOS 6.5.x

Use this guide to configure Aruba Instant Access Points (IAP) with AOS 6.5.2.x/6.5.3.x or 6.5.4.x for use with Meridian Beacon Management and Asset Tracking.

In an IAP only deployment, one IAP will be elected as the Virtual Controller (VC or Master IAP). You'll need to configure the virtual controller with the Meridian configuration values and it will propagate those values to all connected IAPs.


  1. Configure Clock/NTP services
  2. Configure preferred DNS to reach *

Complete These Steps

Complete these steps to enable Meridian.

  1. Turn on the embedded Bluetooth in your APs and configure your infrastructure for Beacons Management.
  2.  (Asset Tracking only) Configure the Web Secure Socket between your controller and the Meridian back-end servers.
  3. Deploy your Aruba Access Points using the Beacons app.
  4. Configure your Aruba Asset Tags using the Tags app.

ASSET TRACKING NOTE - In order for the Web Secure Socket to open between the Aruba Infrastructure and the Meridian Cloud, you must successfully deploy an Aruba AP using the Beacons app and configure an Asset Tag using the Aruba Tags app.

Information Needed for Meridian Editor Aruba Network Configuration

Controller or IAP Value
Location ID{Location ID}
Beacons Management URLs ---
Global Beacons Management URL
EU Beacons Management URL
Access Token Access Token (available in Meridian Editor)
BLE Operation Mode Beaconing
Global Tag Ingestion URLs ---
BLE Asset Tag Ingestion Endpoint URL for **6.5.2.x/6.5.3.x** wss://
BLE Asset Tag Ingestion Endpoint URL for **6.5.4.+**
EU Tag Ingestion URLs ---
EU BLE Asset Tag Ingestion Endpoint URL for **6.5.2.x/6.5.3.x** wss://
EU BLE Asset Tag Ingestion Endpoint URL for **6.5.4.x+**

Connect to Your IAP's Provisioning Network for Configuration

  1. Plug in your IAPs and connect them to your network using the E0 port.
  2. Give the AP time to boot (approximately 5-7 minutes). When the Power LED is SOLID green and the Wi-Fi LED is flashing green, the AP is ready and has begun broadcasting its configuration SSID.
  3. Connect to the AP's provisioning network
. a. Connect to the AP’s SSID SetMeUp-##:##:## (where ##:##:## equals the last 6 digits of the Wired MAC address). b. In certain models/software your IAP will broadcast an "Instant" provisioning network.

Find Your Location ID

If you need to find your Meridian Editor location ID, the following image shows where to find that.

Required for AOS 6.5.4.x.

Configuring Beacons Management

  1. Go to the Master IAP Web UI a. b.
  2. Go to Services > RTLS.
  3. Complete the following steps:
    • Manage BLE beacons: Yes Ticked.
    • Authorization token: Copy from Meridian Editor value under Access Token.
    • Endpoint URL: Copy from the Meridian Editor under BLE URL.
    • BLE Operation Mode: Beaconing

  4. Configuring for Asset Tracking

    • BLE Asset Tag Mgmt Server (https) InstantOS 6.5.3-4.x: <Select Global/EU Endpoint Ingestion URL from above>
    • Authorization Token: Copy from Beacons Management section of Meridian Editor. Value under Access Token.
    • Location ID: This can be found in the Meridian Editor URL for your location:{Location ID}
    • BLE Asset Tag Mgmt Server (ws) InstantOS 6.5.2.x: <Select Global/EU Endpoint Ingestion URL from above> 

Validate your Deployment

In the IAP configuration UI, in the top-right hand side navigation menu, click More, and then click Support.

Under Target, you can select one or more Access Points to run commands from. Under Command, you can select the specific show command


The three primary commands you can use to validate your configuration and a successful deployment are:

AP BLE Configuration

Used to verify your BLE settings.

Command: show ble-config

Sample Expected Output:

Item Value ---- -----
Authorization Token <  >
Endpoint URL 
Update Intvl (in sec) 600
Operational Mode beaconing
Mgmt Server 
Mgmt Handshake Server 
Mgmt Handshake Token < >
Mgmt Location Id < >

AP BLE Table

Shows if your APs are effectively hearing Tag reports. 

Command: show ap debug ble-table all

Sample Expected Output BLE Device Table [Beacons (includes iBeacon)]:

MAC HW_Type FW_Ver Flags Status Batt(%) RSSI Major# Minor# UUID Tx_Power Last Update Uptime --- ------- ------ ----- ------ ------- ---- ------ ------ ---- -------- ----------- ------ 
7c:ec:79:43:cf:e3 LS-BT1 OAD B 1.1-23 0x0003 IAH 100 -68 16005 20282 4152554E-F99B-4A3B-86D0-947070693A78 14 1s 11h:57m:0s 
ec:24:b8:30:e7:5e LS-BT1 OAD B 1.1-23 0x0003 IAH 100 -68 0 0 4152554E-F99B-4A3B-86D0-947070693A78 14 1s 7h:24m:0s
f4:5e:ab:da:4c:28 BT-AP203 OAD B 1.2-19 0x0083 LIA ONBOARD -- 1000 1020 8986AE11-3691-49BF-A7B6-B9F0C19F6A48 15 8s 1h:35m:40s 
6c:ec:eb:3f:c0:25 LS-BT1 OAD A 1.2-8 0x0001 IAH 95 -93 16005 17563 4152554E-F99B-4A3B-86D0-947070693A78 14 6s 21h:53m:30s 
7c:ec:79:48:3d:fd LS-BT1 OAD A 1.2-8 0x0001 IAH 100 -63 1000 1069 6E739C28-56AF-488E-9118-72389508022C 14 1s 2h:56m:30s

Sample Expected Output Generic:

MAC RSSI Last Update --- ---- ----------- a4:77:33:44:c7:55 -92 31s c9:69:da:aa:67:37 -94 1281s

Sample Expected Output Asset Tags:

MAC HW_Type FW_Ver Flags Status Batt(%) RSSI Asset_Tag_Id Last Update Uptime --- ------- ------ ----- ------ ------- ---- ------------ ----------- ------ a0:e6:f8:38:0c:51 AT-BT10 OAD E 1.2-17 0x0001 T 88 -50 0000-0000-0000 5s 14h:43m:30s a0:e6:f8:38:0e:c5 AT-BT10 OAD E 1.2-17 0x0001 T 74 -52 0000-0000-0000 2s 2h:54m:0s a0:e6:f8:38:0f:44 AT-BT10 OAD E 1.2-17 0x0001 T 82 -47 0000-0000-0000 3s 16h:54m:0s

AP BLE Debug Mgmt Server

Used to validate a functioning Web Secure Socket (WSS).

Command: show ap debug ble-relay disp-attr

WebSocket Connect Request : Yes
WebSocket Connect Status : Connection Established
WebSocket Connection Established : Yes
WebSocket LogLevel : 0
Tag Logging : Off
Handshake Address: 
Handshake Token : < >
Location Id : < >
Websocket Address: wss://< >
WebSocket Host :
WebSocket Path : streams/v1beta1/ingestion/tags/websocket/<>
Current WebSocket Started at : 2017-09-06 20:48:25
Websocket Write Stats : 234 (12183B)
Websocket Write WM : 90B (0)
Websocket Read Stats : 0 (12183B) =============================

Note: Websocket Loglevel List: Error (0x1), Warn (0x2), Notice (0x4), Info (0x8), Debug (0x10), Parser (0x20), Header (0x40), Ext (0x80), Client (0x100), Latency (0x200).

You can also validate your Tags are reporting via the Meridian Editor. The "Last Heard" value should show "a few seconds ago".

Notes on Web Socket connection for Asset Tracking

In order for the WSS to open, you must successfully deploy an Aruba AP and configure an Asset Tag using the Aruba Tags app.

At least one deployed Asset Tag will need to be in range of a configured observer (such as an IAP) in order for the Asset Tag Bluetooth signal to establish a Web Socket connection.