Beacon and Campaign Limits

iOS devices can only listen for a maximum of 20 Proximity Beacons. Each Proximity Beacon you associate with an active Campaign counts against this limit.

Let's say you had created 30 Campaigns in the Meridian Editor. You activate Campaign A associated with two Proximity Beacons and you also activate Campaign B associated with one Proximity Beacon. The Meridian-powered app will now listen for three Proximity Beacons, leaving 17 slots remaining.

Alternately, if you have one Campaign and you associate 20 Beacons with it, you'll have reached the limit.

The Proximity Beacon limit is imposed at the OS level in iOS devices to preserve battery life and system resources, because Proximity Beacons are monitored in the background, even when a Meridian-powered app isn't open and the device is asleep.

The 20 Proximity Beacon limit has no effect on Location Beacons. You can deploy any number of Location Beacons and your visitor's Meridian-powered app will detect all of the Location Beacons in range for the purposes of location awareness and wayfinding.

For more information on this limit, please see Apple's Developer document Region Monitoring and iBeacon: Defining a Geographical Region to Be Monitored.

You may deploy and assign more than 20 Proximity Beacons to your push notification Campaigns in the Meridian Editor, but please be aware that your visitors' devices will only detect the first 20 Proximity Beacons.

Each time a visitor opens a Meridian-powered app, it downloads the current set of Proximity Beacons to monitor, up to the 20 Beacon limit. If you frequently change which Campaigns are active in the Editor, bear in mind that your changes will not take effect in the visitor's app until it's launched again.

Android Meridian-powered apps mimic the functionality of iOS Meridian-powered apps to provide a consistent and reliable experience across the two platforms.

20 Beacon Limit Workaround

To take advantage of the 20 Beacon limit fix, you'll need to update your Meridian-powered app to use the newest version of the SDK.

With the newest release of iOS AppMaker and the Meridian iOS SDK, you won't be limited to 20 push notification campaigns.

If you're a white-label app customer, you'll need us to update your iOS app to the newest version of the iOS SDK.

If your iOS app was built with the Meridian SDK, you'll need to update your app to use the newest versions of the iOS SDK. No other action on your part will be required.

Due to a difference in the way our Android SDK interacts with Beacons, you will not need to update your white-label or SDK Android apps to get past the 20 Beacon limit. This change will go into effect immediately.

Another advantage of this update is that you will no longer need to leave a Campaign's region in order to reset it.

The new limit is 150 Proximity Beacon campaigns.