Control Tags Improve Asset Tracking Accuracy

This article describes Control Tags and how they can be used to improve the location accuracy of assets being tracked in your location.

Control Tags Overview

A Control Tag is an Asset Tag that is stationary and its location is known by the Editor. Once a Control Tag is deployed and its location is manually indicated, the Editor can use the known locations of a set of Control Tags to improve the accuracy of tracked assets.

Before you use Control Tags in your location, this feature will need to be enabled on the Meridian Editor for you by the Meridian team. To do so, please email Meridian at

Deploy a Control Tag

Before you can make an Asset Tag a Control Tag, add the Tag to your map like you would for any other Tag.

On the Map screen, tap the Accuracy mode button in the top left corner.

The Accuracy mode button looks like a compass.

On the map, find the Asset Tag you'd like to use as a Control Tag, and then tap and drag it until the Tag icon matches its physical location on the map.

Control Tag icons are opaque and Asset Tag icons are slightly translucent.

Tap Done. Repeat this process until you have Control Tags evenly distributed on each map throughout your location.

Control Tag Best Practices

Here are some Control Tag best practices that will help you get the most out of Control Tag accuracy improvements.

  • Give your Control Tags an identical and distinctive icon. This will help you locate and distinguish them on a map.
  • When deploying Control Tags, the Meridian team recommends two Control Tags for every one access point distributed evenly throughout your location.
  • Control Tags must remain stationary. If you must move one, be sure to change its position on the map.

Control Tag Location Accuracy Improvements

The following table shows the types of improvements we've seen using control tags compared to our default method of calculating accuracy:

AP Density (m) Default Accuracy (m) Control Tag Accuracy (m)
185 8 3.5
650 17 14