Reports and Meridian-powered SDK Apps

Please Note: This article refers to Legacy Reports, which will stop collecting data on October 31, 2019. Legacy Reports will be discontinued in January 2020.

Please note that Reports are limited to a single week from the start date that you select. If need data for a longer timeframe, please contact Meridian.

There are two types of app event data that Meridian-powered SDK apps don't send to Meridian Editor Reports.

Non-map screenviews and search term events won't be sent to the Editor. Meridian Reports will still capture visitor totals, map screenviews, placemark interactions, directions, and notification data.


In an app created using the Meridian SDK, the map screen is the only screen view event data sent to the Meridian Editor. When visitors open other screens in an SDK app, those events aren't sent to the Editor.

This affects the Total Activity Screen Views count, as well as some of the data in the Visitor Interactions: Other Interactions table. For example, in an SDK app, Reports will not capture a URL being opened within the app.

The SDK doesn't send search events to Reports. The search terms that your visitors enter into your app won't be captured and the Reports Search table will be blank.

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