The Devices Report

The Devices reports provide information on the type of devices using your Meridian-powered app.

Please note that Reports are limited to a single week from the start date that you select. If need data for a longer timeframe, please contact Meridian.

There are two types of Devices reports:

Devices shows the total number of devices, as well as a breakdown by device operating system.

Device Details shows iOS and Android by version number.

Device Models shows the device breakdown by hardware type.


The Devices line chart shows the breakdown between iOS and Android devices. It also shows a detailed count by iOS, Android, and Total Devices.

Device Details

The Device Details pie chart presents the device breakdown in another way.

Click sections of the pie chart to limit the detailed OS version breakdown to specific device type.

The Device Details chart lists OS type, version number, and device count by version.

If a user updates a device’s OS, it will be counted once for each version of the OS in the Device Details report, creating a different total than the Devices report, which counts unique devices across OS versions.

Device Models

The Device Models pie chart breaks devices down by manufacturer.

Click sections of the pie chart to show device models by manufacturer.