The Heatmap Report

Please Note: The Heatmap report is part of Legacy Reports, which will stop collecting data on October 31, 2019. Legacy Reports will be discontinued in January 2020.

The Heatmap report shows a graphical representation of device activity by location on a specific map level at a specific time and date.

Please note that Reports are limited to a single week from the start date that you select. If need data for a longer timeframe, please contact Meridian.

The Heatmap Report

Heatmaps are generated from the calculated location information of devices with the Meridian-powered app for that location installed.

The Heatmap report requires AppMaker 2.x.

Generate a Heatmap

To generate a heatmap, select a date and time, and choose a map level.

In general, hotter colors (red, yellow, orange) mean a greater concentration of Meridian-powered app activity than cooler colors (blues, greens, purples).

For example, a dark red color would mean that some devices with Meridian-powered apps running in the foreground or background were detected in an area for some time.

A light blue color would probably mean that someone with a Meridian-powered app had passed through an area.

Zooming in on the map will show you a more detailed heatmap breakdown.

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