The Location Sharing Report

Please Note: The Location Sharing report is part of Legacy Reports, which will stop collecting data on October 31, 2019. Legacy Reports will be discontinued in January 2020.

The Location Sharing report provides data about how your end-users are using this feature.

Please note that Reports are limited to a single week from the start date that you select. If need data for a longer timeframe, please contact Meridian.

Location Sharing Report Types

There are three Location Sharing reports:

Sharing Accounts shows the number of new accounts created.

Sharing Activity shows how often invites are revoked and accounts are paused and resumed.

Sharing Invites shows the number of location sharing invites created and accepted.

Sharing Accounts

The Sharing Accounts line chart shows the number of new sharing accounts created on each day.

USERS is the total number of new accounts created during the selected date range.

AVERAGE USERS / DAY is the average number of new users created during the selected date range.

Sharing Activity

The Sharing Activity pie chart shows the different types of actions taken by location sharing users.

Invite Revoked is counted when a location sharing user deletes an active invite.

Paused is counted when a user pauses location sharing.

Resumed is counted when a user unpauses location sharing.

Sharing Invites

The Sharing Invites lines measure how many invites were created compared to the number of invites accepted.

One invite can be shared with many people.

TOTAL CREATED is the number of total invites created during the selected date range.

TOTAL ACCEPTED is the number of accepted invites. This is counted when a user completes the invite acceptance in the Meridian-powered app.

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