White-label Required Assets


Before Meridian can build your white-label Meridian-powered app for the Apple and Google Play app stores, you'll need to send in your graphical and metadata assets. This article describes what Meridian needs for each required asset.

All of these assets are listed in the checklist spreadsheet file we sent you in the "White-Label Checklist" email. If you didn't get this email, please let us know, and we'll send it to you.

In-Store Title

The in-store title is the title of your app as it will display in the Apple and Google app stores. Your in-store title should be concise, meaningful, relevant, and unique within the app stores.

App Screenshots

The Apple and Google Play app stores will show up to four key screenshots from your app to display in their stores. Screenshots are the best way to promote your app and convince your visitors to take the time to download and use it.

Example screenshots for the Meridian-powered app

When choosing screenshots, consider what features will be used the most by your visitors. Put your most useful feature in the first or second screenshot. For example, if your visitors have trouble navigating within your location, you may want to show a screenshot of a turn-by-turn direction. If your location has interesting and engaging content popular with your visitors, show the screenshot for a popular exhibit.

We'll need screenshots in various formats and sizes. Instead of sending us screenshots directly, simply tell us which screens in your app you'd like to feature, and we'll take the screenshots for you.

App Description

When your visitors find the app in the Apple or Google Play store, they'll be taken to a detail page for that app. The detail page includes an app description that explains the functionality of the app and why they'll want to use it.

A good app description is as concise as possible. Most visitors will skim through any descriptive text and decide whether to download the app in a few seconds. Your app screenshots will provide a far more compelling story about why visitors will want to download your app.

Short Description

Android Only

The short description is a short, one sentence summary of the app and what it does.

If Google features the app in the Google Play Store, they'll use this as the app tagline.

App Store Categories

Every app in the Apple and Google Play app stores has a category. Categories are meant to help people find apps relevant to their interests.

The Apple App Store requires one primary category and allows one optional secondary category, selected from the following list:

Games, Entertainment, Utilities, Social Networking, Music, Productivity, Lifestyle, Reference, Travel, Sports, Navigation, Healthcare & Fitness, News, Photography, Finance, Business, Education, Weather, Books, Medical

Google Play requires an app have a single category, selected from the following list:

Books & Reference, Business, Comics, Communication, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Health & Fitness, Libraries & Demo, Lifestyle, Media & Video, Medical, Music & Audio, News & Magazines, Personalization, Photography, Productivity, Shopping, Social, Sports, Tools, Transportation, Travel & Local, Weather

Search Keywords

When your visitors go to the Apple or Google Play app stores looking for your app, you'll want to make sure they can find it easily. Search keywords are terms that you can apply to your app, when visitors search on those terms, they'll be more likely to find your app.

Search keywords are especially important when the name of your app isn't the same as the name of your location. For example, the American Museum of Natural History Meridian-powered app is called Explorer. However, a visitor to the Natural History Museum would be more likely to search for "museum natural history." In order for the Explorer app to appear in the search results, the app would need to have the search keywords museum, natural, and history.

The app description is ignored in search results. Only the app's title and search keywords are searchable.

List your keywords in this format:

"museum natural history explore navigate guide nyc"

The keywords list must not exceed 100 characters, including spaces.

Homescreen Title

The homescreen title is the app title as it appears beneath its homescreen icon. This title can be different from the title as it appears in the Apple and Google Play app stores.

The number of characters available for the homescreen title is extremely limited. On iOS, a homescreen title of more than 11 characters will be truncated in the middle. Android allows slightly more characters, because it wraps longer titles onto a second line.

iOS, Android Examples

We recommend choosing a homescreen title of 11 characters or less, so that the title won't be truncated on iOS devices.

App Icon

Every app in the Apple and Google Play app stores needs to have its own unique icon. We offer two different options for creating your app icon.

Android Adaptive icons will be cropped at a variety of sizes, depending on device. Please factor that into your icon design.

First, simply send us your logo, brand colors, and a background image, and we'll create a set of icon options for you to choose.

Second, design your own icon in Photoshop. If you send us the layered Photoshop document with your icon in large-format size, we'll create the various icon image sizes required for all of the different devices and platforms.

example app icon at various sizes

Splash Screen

When your visitors launch your app, you can choose to show them a splash screen while the app starts up.

Example splash screen

The splash screen may only appear briefly, so it's important that it be simple and not contain a lot of text that your visitors may miss reading.

Additionally, the splash screen must be resizable to fit various screen sizes and aspect ratios for the hundreds of iOS and Android devices on which your visitors may be using your app.

In order to create a splash screen, we'll need you to choose a color you'd like to use for the splash screen background. By default, we'll use your app icon for the splash screen. If you'd like to use a different logo image, please let us know.

Miscellaneous Copy

In addition to all of the above, we'll need some miscellaneous text copy to complete your app submission. This copy includes copyright text, a support email address, and a homepage URL, among others.

Privacy Policy URL

The Google Play and Apple App stores require a URL to your organization's official privacy policy.

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