White-label Apps


As an alternative to building a Meridian-powered app from scratch using the SDK, the Meridian team builds custom white-label iOS and Android apps. The Meridian team will handle the building, submitting, and maintaining of your Meridian-powered app throughout its life. This is an additional paid service offered by Meridian.

A Meridian-powered white-label app is a great way to take advantage of the full features of Meridian without building your own app from scratch with the Meridian SDK. Not only that, your white-label app will be fully branded with your organization's logos and colors.

The Meridian team has extensive experience building and managing apps for many major brands and locations. With our expertise, we'll minimize the amount of work required by your team, as well as helping you to navigate the challenges and considerations that come with having your own app.

Getting Started

Before the Meridian team can start building your white-label app, you'll need to provide two types of information:

  • Metadata about your app. The app title, the app description, and any keywords you'd like to associate with your app to help people find it on the app stores.
  • A high quality logo image. Meridian will use this to create your app's icon, screenshots, and splash screen.

Once this information is received, the typical white-label creation process takes about three weeks before the app is available to publish in the app stores.

  • Week One: Building the app
  • Week Two: Testing the app
  • Week Three: Complete the app store review process

Please note that the Apple App Store review process can sometimes take up to two weeks.

The White-Label Process

1. Build your content using the Meridian Editor

Before we can build you a custom Meridian-powered app, you'll need to create all of your map and routing content in the Meridian Editor.

Even after your Meridian white-label app has been released, you can use the Meridian Editor to manage and update most of the content in your app, including its menus and navigational structure.

As you add map content to the Meridian Editor, you can preview that content using the Meridian AppViewer app.

2. Prepare the graphics and metadata assets for your white-label app

Before an app can be submitted to the Apple and Google app stores, we'll need certain graphics and metadata assets from you.

Specifically, we'll need:

  • The in-store title of your app
  • An app description
  • The app store category or categories
  • Search keywords for your app
  • The home screen title of the app as it would appear on an iOS or Android device
  • The app icon graphic
  • A list of two to four screens you'd like to use for in-app screenshots (We'll pick screenshots to showcase the app, if these aren't provided.)
  • Miscellaneous copy, including copyright text, support email address, and your homepage URL, among others.
  • Whether you'll be using Meridian's Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • URL to your organization's privacy policy (Android).

For more information about setting up app level login, please see our User Login and Accounts article.

Once you've sent us all of your assets, please reserve at least three weeks before you plan on publicly launching your app.

3. Submit your app for approval

Once your map content is in the Editor, we've received your app assets, and we've completed building and testing your app, we'll submit your app to Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store.

Apple's App Store review team usually takes about 5 business days to review and approve an app. The Apple app review process is outside our control. Please plan for this process to take at least two weeks. There's always a possibility it could take longer.

4. Launch!

Once your app is approved by Apple and Google, you can release it to the public. Due to the size of the Apple and Google app stores, when an app is released it can take a few hours before it's available for download.

With this in mind, we will release your app a few hours before you wish to make it available to the public.

5. Requested updates

In addition to automatic updates, we'll also make updates to your app at your request. For example, you may want to change your app's description and screenshots in the app store to feature new seasonal content. Your service agreement with Meridian will specify how often requested updates can be made.

Some app updates will require resubmitting your app to the Apple and Google app stores. When resubmitting your app to the Apple app store, please allow for at least three weeks before those changes will be available to your visitors. Apple requires another complete review process every time an app is resubmitted to the app store. Apps resubmitted to the Google Play Store will most likely be approved more quickly.

Changes that require at least one week include:

  • App description
  • Metadata such as copyright text, support email address, and your homepage URL

Changes that require at least three weeks include:

  • App title
  • App Icon
  • Screenshots
  • App categories
  • Maturity Rating
  • Keywords
  • Splash Screen
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