Urban Airship and White-label Apps

Urban Airship Push Notifications


Meridian apps are compatible with Urban Airship push notifications. This article describes what Urban Airship does and basic information about setting this up for your Meridian-powered apps.

What Is Urban Airship?

Urban Airship provides tools for creating and managing push notifications. With Urban Airship's "deep push" notifications, you can send a vistor a message with a link to a specific Placemark, Image+Text Page, or Event.

What You'll Need

To configure your Urban Airship messaging, you'll need three things:

  1. The URL scheme for your location
  2. Your app's App ID.
  3. The unique ID (appppath) for the Placemark, Page, or Event you want to send.

The URL Scheme

A unique URL scheme is created for each organization when a white-label Meridian app is built.

If you don't know your URL scheme, please contact Meridian.

The App ID

The app ID for every Meridian app is included in the Meridian Editor URL for that location.

To get the app ID for your location, login to the Meridian Editor, and open your app's location.

The app ID is the number following https://edit.meridianapps.com/apps/. In the example URL, 123456789 is the app ID:


The App Path

The app path, or apppath, for every Placemark, Page, and Event is located at the end of the Meridian Editor URL when you go to a Placemark, Page, or Event.

Placemark App Path:


Page App Path:


Event App Path:


Configuring Urban Airship for Meridian Notifications

Once you have the App ID and App Path values, you can enter them into Urban Airship's Push Composer. In the Push Composer Optional Settings, enter these values as Key/Value pairs.

The first Key is appid and the first Value is the App ID from the Meridian Editor URL. The second Key is apppath and the second Value is the App Path from the end of the Meridian Editor URL.

Although Urban Airship's dashboard allows you to set a Badge Number for iOS devices, this isn't supported by the AppMaker platform. If you attempt to set a badge number, it will create a badge in your app, but the badge won't go away when the app launches. If you accidentally set a badge number this way and wish to remove it, you can send another push with a badge number of zero to clear it.