Updating Beacons for Use with Beacons Management

Beacons Management is a new feature of the Meridian Editor that will give you greater control over the Beacons deployed at your location.

This article describes the major steps you'll need to take to use the new Beacons Management feature.

1) Update Your AP Controllers

Before you can take advantage of the new Beacons Management feature, you'll need to update the firmware for your AP Controllers.

2) Plug-in USB Beacons

USB Beacons plug into Aruba Wi-Fi access points (AP).

USB Beacons enable you to monitor and manage your deployed battery-powered Beacons.

3) Install Beacons App 2.0

From the Apple App Store, download Meridian's new Beacons App 2.0.

Download Beacons from the App Store

The Beacons Management features don't work with the older version of the Beacons App.

4) Enable Beacons Management

If the customer doesn't have Beacons Management enabled, contact Meridian to enable it.

5) Use Beacons App to Update Beacons

When you start using Beacons Management, your Beacons will need to be updated to support Beacons Management.

To do this, with your Beacons App, go to each Beacon in your location and replace it with the new Beacon values.

Update Beacon Values

Complete these steps to update Beacon values with the Beacons App.

  1. On your iOS device, open the Beacons App.

  2. Using the Beacons App map, locate the Beacon nearest you, and then tap it to select it.

  3. Check the Beacon values. In the Beacon Detail Drawer, if the MAC address starts with 0000, then it will need to be updated. If it has a legitimate MAC address, then it doesn't need to be updated.

  4. In the Beacon Detail Drawer, tap the Replace Beacon button. It looks like two curved arrows.

  5. In the Beacon List, drag the Beacon with the correct MAC address to the same location. The Beacon list is sorted by nearest to farthest.

    If you don't know the Beacon MAC address, you may need to read the MAC address printed on stickers on the bottom and side of each Beacon.

  6. Repeat these steps for all of your Beacons.

6) Configure Your Controllers

Once you've updated all of your location's Beacons, configure your controllers to support them.

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