Meridian FAQ

What browsers does the Meridian Editor support?

The Meridian Editor currently supports the Safari and Google Chrome browsers.

Browser Minimum Version
Safari 10.1
Google Chrome 57

Go here to download the current Safari browser.

Go here to download the current Google Chrome browser.

Does Meridian work on a non-Aruba network infrastructure?

Yes. Most Meridian features are supported on non-Aruba network infrastructures.

Aruba Beacons are required for blue dot location awareness and campaigns.

Aruba Tags do require an Aruba network infrastructure.

What are the minimum supported iOS and Android versions for Meridian AppMaker and mobile SDKs?

The minimum supported iOS version is iOS 11.

The minimum supported Android version is Marshmallow (23).

Do Meridian-powered apps require an internet connection?

A non-functional or spotty Wi-Fi or cellular internet connection can seriously degrade the functional quality of the Meridian-powered apps.

Most of the functionality of our Meridian-powered apps requires them to be able to connect to the Meridian Editor. This includes everything from loading the app itself to searching for placemarks to generating a route to follow.

The following chart lists the different features that require a working internet connection over a Wi-Fi or cellular connection to function completely:

Meridian App Function Requires Internet Connectivity
(either Wi-Fi or cellular)
Loading App Yes
Blue dot No
Picking a New Map Yes
Search Yes
Directions Yes
Pages Yes
Events Yes
Changing locations
(multi-locations apps)

The Meridian-powered app's blue dot location awareness doesn't need an internet connection, because it uses our Aruba Beacon Bluetooth signals to calculate a visitor's location on a map.

Why does a Meridian-powered app use feet instead of meters?

The distance measurements are based on each device's localization settings.

For example, if your device region is set to the United States, route distances will be measured in feet. If you choose nearly any other region in the world, distances will be measured in meters.


To change the Region settings on iOS:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Language & Region.
  4. Under REGION FORMATS, tap Region, choose the region you'd like to use, and then tap Done.
  5. At the prompt, tap Continue.


On some Android devices, changing the Language setting will change the units of measurement used to show distance.

On other Android devices, this is controlled by the Region setting. Unfortunately, the Region setting is hidden by default. To change the Region setting, you'll need to download a separate app.

How can I upload maps to the Meridian Editor?

Maps used in our Meridian-powered apps need to be formatted in a specific way. The Meridian Editor doesn't currently support direct uploading of maps.

Please send your map as a high resolution PNG, PDF, or JPEG image file to

Does Meridian support 3rd-party beacon hardware?

Meridian doesn't support 3rd-party beacon hardware.

Push notification and location services are enabled with Aruba Beacons hardware.

Why isn't my blue dot showing up on the map?

The most likely reason for the blue dot not appearing is that the device has its Bluetooth turned off. The Meridian-powered apps rely on the Bluetooth signals sent by the Beacons hardware to calculate the device's location.

The Meridian-powered apps also require that the user grant access to the device's location services.

Also there are times when a device is simply out of range of the deployed Beacon hardware. In those situations, the blue dot will not appear.

Why didn't I receive a push notification?

First, make sure you've given the Meridian-powered app permission to send you notifications.

If that doesn't do the trick, you can use the Aruba Beacons app to troubleshoot your campaigns.

Location Sharing Questions

When a user enables location sharing, how often is their location sent to the Meridian Editor?
Every 5 seconds.

When a Meridian-powered app updates the Editor with a user's location, does it store the user's past location or overwrite it? The user's location isn't stored. Each location update overwrites the past location.

How long will a user's location show on the map after the user leaves the map? The user's icon will remain on the for map for 30 minutes after the user leaves the map.

Are location sharing profiles deleted due to inactivity? No, location sharing profiles are never deleted by the Editor.

How long does it take for location sharing invitations to expire? Location sharing invites expire after 7 days.

What data does Meridian store?

Meridian stores data related to how the Meridian-powered apps are used. This includes routes taken, search terms used, campaigns triggered, as well as device hardware and operating systems. All of this data can be reviewed for each location in the Reports section of the Editor.

Meridian does not collect or store personal data that can be used to identify users.

On iOS, the Meridian-powered app reports its identifierForVendor value. This reported value is the same for all apps on that device.

On Android, the app reports its advertising ID. This ID is unique to each app on the device. The iOS and Android mobile operating systems use these IDs to send device data to third parties.

Although these values are sent to the Meridian Editor, they are not accessible or used for reporting analytics.

Even with access to a set of vendor ID data, it wouldn't be possible to identify a specific individual's device without access to the specific user's device itself.

Does Meridian support Xamarin, Cordova, Titanium, React Native, and other cross-platform app development tools?

No, Meridian doesn't officially support Xamarin and other cross-platform app development tools.

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