Beacon Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Although Beacons have a long battery-life, the Beacon batteries will eventually need to be replaced.

In some cases, if location finding or directions aren't working properly, you may need to troubleshoot and replace Beacon hardware. You can use the Beacons app to troubleshoot and identify problem Beacons. You can also use the Beacons app to check a Beacon's battery level.

Symptoms of Beacon issues can include the blue dot not appearing on a Meridian-powered app map, the blue dot appearing in the wrong location on the map, and push notifications not being sent at expected locations and times.

Beacon Firmware Updating

If you have older Beacons that are behaving strangely, the issue may be that Beacons are using older firmware versions.

The Beacons app supports upgrading the firmware of individual Beacons.

To upgrade Beacon firmware, go to a specific Beacon's Info. If a Beacon firmware is out of date, it will be highlighted.

To upgrade the Beacon's firmware, tap the version and complete the prompts. The Beacons app will update the Beacon's firmware.

This feature is currently only available for battery-powered Beacons (LS-BT1).

Beacon Error Messages

In the Beacons app, you'll see two types of error messages.

This Beacon is placed elsewhere.

If you attempt to place a Beacon that's already been configured and physically placed in another location, you'll see a dialog box asking if you want to move the Beacon to a new location.

If you don't cancel moving the Beacon and if you don't physically move the Beacon to its new location, this can cause location and wayfinding errors in a Meridian-powered app.

When you see the This Beacon is placed elsewhere. dialog, tap Move to confirm the move. Tap Cancel to cancel moving the Beacon.

There was an Error Loading Beacons

Occasionally, the Beacons app will generate an error that isn't resolved with user input.

When you see the There was an Error Loading Beacons dialog or some other error that can't be resolved with user input, tap OK to close the error message.

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