App Promotion Specifications

Both the Apple and Google Play app stores choose different apps to promote each week. If your app is selected, the Apple or Google promotions team will create a promotion for your app, based on artwork you've provided.

Promotional Artwork

The app promotion specifications are meant to help you create appealing and compelling artwork for use if your app is chosen to be promoted by Apple or Google. This artwork is like the artwork is similar to what might be put on the front of a software box.

By separating the background image and the title treatment into two separate files, Meridian can help you create a more appealing image.

To get a better sense of Apple's promotional aesthetic, go to the Apple App store in iTunes or on an iOS device and review the apps Apple is promoting.

Title Treatment

The title treatment or logo for your app should be simple and easy to see when scaled down to a small size. Please remove any tags or bylines that aren't visible at a small size.

The title treatment needs to be either a vector PostScript or Adobe Illustrator file, or a PhotoShop or TIF image file with a minimum size of 600 x 600 pixels.

Background Image

The background image, texture, color, or gradient should match the colors of the app icon and title treatment. The background image can include elements from the app itself, but shouldn't simply be screenshots.

The background image needs to be a layered Photoshop file with a size of 2048 x 1536 pixels.